He remained blissfully unaware of the impending attack of the giant mutant lobster


Turnbull Statue in Hawick, Scottish Borders

I write what could best be described as 'Fantasy Fiction' - sometimes this includes a 'Sci-Fi' or a'Horror' slant. Some of what I write contains traditional folk tale elements. Most of what I write has a bit of a political flavour to it.

The picture opposite is of the Turnbull statue. Legend has it that the Turnbull name comes from an incident involving a local who 'turned' a bull that was changing at Robert the Bruce. Whether its true or not it's a great story - inspiring enough for some rich Americans to raise enough money to commission a statue. There is also a Turnbull castle with back story. It's called Fatlips Castle because apparently the head of the household demanded a snog from every maiden who wished to enter his domain. Another good story. Stories make the world go round!